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The clock is ticking, take part









  • Welcome: 

    Tessa McIver

    Warsaw Equity Group

    Beata Jarosz

    Future Collars

    Joanna Pruszyńska-Witkowska

    Future Collars

  • POWER SPEECH – About mega trends 
    Discussion of the most important mega trends in the IT and technology industry, and highlighting why itis worth being part of this dynamic area and considering a career change into this field. Society is inevitably moving towards digitization, and new technologies are the engine for the development of many innovative solutions. Emphasizing the importance of diversity in the IT industry and how important it is for women to actively participate in this field. Highlighting that their knowledge and perspectives are extremely valuable for innovation and creating solutions.

    Artur Kurasiński

    Entrepreneur and investor

  • DEBATE 1 – Technology is transforming the world before our eyes.
    During this debate, experts and practitioners will present the latest trends and changes in the field of technology that have a huge impact on our daily lives. Topics covered include the development of artificial intelligence, automation, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR). You will learn how these technologies are changing the way we work, learn, communicate, and do business. You will also find out what new opportunities and challenges are brought about by the dynamically developing technological world.

    Dariusz Klimczak


    Aiga Irmeja

    Latvian Digital Innovation Hub

    Florina Onetiu

    European Women’s Association

    Artur Kurasiński

    Entrepreneur and investor

  • POWER SPEECH – In Tech We Trust 
    During her speech, Raisa will outline the contours of the fifth industrial revolution, under the slogan “In Tech We Trust”. She will draw attention to how trust in technology can not only revolutionize the way we live and work but also become the foundation for a more sustainable and inclusive society. Raisa will emphasize that for this vision to become a reality, it is necessary to increase the number of women actively participating in the technology industry – both in terms of creating and implementing new solutions. She will use her platform to call for urgent change, calling for breaking down barriers and stereotypes and increasing the representation of women in the world of technology, encouraging investment in education and enabling women to fully participate in shaping a future immersed in technology. Raisa will emphasize that it is precisely the diversity of experiences and perspectives that can drive innovations that are crucial for development and progress in the fifth industrial revolution.

    Raisa Ghazi

    Global public speaker

  • DEBATE 2 – Artificial Intelligence: Influence the future and create new opportunities!
    This debate will focus on the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in our society. We will learn how AI affects various fields, such as medicine, education, transport, and business development. Experts will share their experiences using AI to create innovative solutions and provide tips on how to influence the future by developing AI-related skills. We will also find out how artificial intelligence opens up new career opportunities and what benefits it can bring to participants who want to actively shape their career path in IT.

    Klaudia Nawrocka-Pawlik


    Monika Mrówka


    Anu Passi Rauste

    Head Ai

    Akanksha Goel

    Plus Company

  • POWER SPEECH – Women in IT: overcoming barriers and discovering untapped potential 
    Vanessa is the founder of the non-profit organization, Bring Women Back to Work in Switzerland. Every year she successfully facilitates the return to the job market for over 100 women across Europe. Vanessa’s organization focuses on strengthening and supporting women who have had career breaks, providing them with opportunities to regain professional momentum and bring valuable skills and knowledge to the company. Vanessa will deliver an inspiring speech on the power of women and their vital role in the IT market. She will emphasize how important it is for women to aspire to the technology industry and engage in it. She will share her experiences, encouraging listeners to overcome barriers and realize their potential in the IT field.

    Vanessa Gentile

    Bring Women Back to Work

  • DEBATE 3 – Employee Urgently Wanted. What Competencies Matter in Today’s Market?
    In this debate, experts from various fields will share their insights about the most crucial competencies sought in today’s job market. Topics related to technical skills, such as programming, data analysis, and cybersecurity, as well as soft skills like communication, teamwork, and creativity, will be discussed. You will learn how to develop these competencies and what benefits come from having the right skills in the dynamic world of IT.

    Michał Słojewski

    Polska Sky

    Aleksandra Suchorzewska


    Róża Szafranek

    HR Hints

    Susanna Laurin

    Funka Foundation

    Inge Van Belle

    Herculean Alliance, Stanton Chase

    Paula Lewandowska


  • POWER SPEECH – We did IT!
    Joanna’s speech will serve as an inspiring introduction to the debate “I Did It!”, in which she will share the success story of her company and achievements in the field of retraining. The speech will reflect how an essential element of Future Collars’ mission is to give over 4,000 people, of which over 60% are women, a chance to transform their careers. Joanna will emphasize that support and openness to change are embedded in the company’s DNA, and the successes of the participants are the best evidence of the potential and opportunities that reskilling brings.

    Joanna Pruszyńska-Witkowska

    Future Collars

  • DEBATE 4 – I did IT! Success in IT is my achieved goal!
    In this inspiring debate, we will hear real stories from women who have retrained and achieved success in the IT industry. They will share their experiences, the challenges they had to overcome, and inspiring advice for other women who also dream of a career in IT. This debate will be full of motivation and examples that prove you can achieve your goals, regardless of the stage of your career you are in.

    Anna Sańczuk

    Iga Dziewguć


    Karolina Gałka

    Business Intelligence

    Anna Niejełow

    Software Tester

    Anna Jeziorska

    Scrum Master

    Katarzyna Blachowicz


  • POWER SPEECH – Women’s Role in Cybersecurity
    Katarzyna Prusak-Górniak, leader of the Digital Affairs Unit at the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Poland to the EU, will emphasize the importance of cybersecurity in the context of the new NIS2 directive during “Women in IT Day”. With a focus on how women can play a key role in this dynamically developing field, Prusak-Górniak will note that cybersecurity is not a domain exclusively for men, encouraging women to actively participate and shape the future of digital security.

    Katarzyna Prusak-Górniak

    Head of Digital Affairs Unit Permanent Representation of the Republic of Poland to the EU

  • DEBATA 5 – Hybrid Work: The Future of Work, Connecting the Virtual and Real World! Digital Nomads.
    This debate will focus on the future of hybrid work, which integrates the virtual and physical worlds. Experts will discuss the benefits and challenges of remote work, the technologies that enable remote collaboration, and the development of flexible work models. You will learn how to address communication challenges, time management, and maintaining a work-life balance in the new work environment.

    Tina Sobocińska


    Ewa Krupa

    Orange Poland

    Olga Gromakovskaya

    Elsa Rodriguez

    Pueblos Remotos

    Anna Pora


    Agnieszka Żegota

    Totalizator Sportowy

  • POWER SPEECH – Space Technologies to protect Planet Earth 
    When you think of satellites and space technology, climate change probably isn’t the first thing that pops into your head. You’re more likely to picture astronauts floating around the International Space Station, or engineers building rovers that can roam the surface of the moon. In fact, satellites play a critical role in monitoring, modelling, and understanding and remediating climate change. Women have historically been a minority in the fields of space technology and climate change, but this is fast changing. In simple and accessible terms Mani will demystify the fast-growing space economy and encourage women to get involved in space-data-as-a-service business. She will highlight how it’s possible to both protect our planet with space technology and build a space business for a livelihood- without having to leave earth!

    Mani Thiru

    Head of Space & Satellite,
    Asia Pacific, Amazon Web Services

  • DEBATE 6 – Tech Climate: Create a Sustainable Future.
    In this debate, experts and practitioners will focus on the role of technology in creating a sustainable future. Issues related to the use of technology in agriculture (Agro Tech) and technological innovations aimed at protecting the environment and reducing the negative impact on the climate will be discussed. You will learn how technology can support agriculture in achieving greater efficiency, optimizing resources, and food production. Experts will also present innovative technological solutions that contribute to sustainable development and create a better environment for future generations.

    dr Magdalena Krukowska


    Kinga Gruszecka

    Polish Space Agency

    Magdalena Wojtera

    BNP Paribas Bank Polska

    Martyna Mrozek

    European Women’s Association

  • POWER SPEECH – Being a woman leader in tech, yesterday, today and tomorrow
    From the Director of DIGITAL EUROPE, and one of the most influential women in tech policy in Europe: Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl’s career advice, personal experience and a panoramic on the most interesting sectors to invest in professionally as a woman in IT.

    Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl



  • DEBATA 7 – Technological platforms – speed and efficiency in creating business solutions!
    In this debate, experts will share their observations on the role of technological platforms in the process of creating innovative business products. The benefits of using platforms in terms of speed, efficiency and scalability in creating business solutions will be discussed. Examples of successful implementations of technology platforms will be presented and the challenges associated with them will be discussed. You will learn how technology platforms can accelerate the process of creating new products and services and how they influence business development.

    Katarzyna Frendl

    Jakub Leś


    Renata Jaroszyńska

    PKO Bank Polski

    dr Monika Gorgoń

    Warsaw Stock Exchange

    Mihaela Raluca Tudor

    European Women’s Association

    Marzena Miska


  • POWER SPEECH – Change your life: Courage in action 
    Robert will take listeners on a journey through the psychological aspect of career change and life change. In his motivational speech, he will focus on having the courage to make decisions and overcoming fears related to new challenges. Robert will share practical tips on managing emotions, coping with stress and building self-confidence in the process of career change. His wisdom and motivating message will be an inspiration for all those who are faced with the decision to change their lives and careers towards IT.

    Robert Rutkowski


  • DEBATE 8 – New Leadership – How Do the Best Hire?
    In this prestigious debate, topics of new leadership and ways of recruiting the most talented employees will be discussed. The moderator of the debate will be an experienced editor-in-chief of a renowned newspaper directed to the business world. The main goal of the debate will be to strengthen and underline topics such as reskilling and upskilling, showing that they are not just trends or novelties from abroad, but actions that should be used daily in the business strategies of companies…

    Raisa Ghazi

    Global Public Speaker

    Jeremi Konopka

    PKO Bank Polski

    Maciej Olejnik


    Magda Dziewguć

    Google Cloud Poland

    Rafał Pokrzywa


    Małgorzata Nasiłowska


    Michał Kopyt


  • Conclusion
    The event comes to a close. Thank you for participating!

RE:START – We invite you to the RE:START pathway, where a hands-on adventure in the world of IT awaits you. Designed for ambitious women taking their first steps in the IT industry or considering a career change. Whether you have experience in other fields or are learning programming, our practical workshops within the RE:START track will help you hone your skills and shape your future in technology. Join us and discover new opportunities!

  • DigitalEurope: Can nice girls get the corner office in the tech industry?


    Raphaëlle Hennekinne
  • European Women’s Association:  Building a strong personal brand in the world of technology and communication


    Mihaela Raluca Tudor


  • COI: Can only a programmer work in IT? What is it like to work in the company that creates mObywatel and why it takes a whole village to create one program.


    Nadia Bouacid
  • COI: Moms and their superpowers – or how motherhood develops competences that we can use after returning to work.


    Katarzyna Tomaszewska

    Magda Kołba – Górna

    Ewelina Omiecińska

    Marta Chodała
  • PWC: Microsoft Dynamics – a technology for many industries. About the role of a business consultant.


    Weronika Dercz
  • PWC: Marketing Automation in Salesforce Marketing Cloud – how to take the first steps on a new career path.


    Aleksandra Salwierz
  • BNP Paribas: Diversity and inclusion in the professional context of women


    Izabela Tworzydło
  • Orange: Reskilling, i.e. a repeatable chance for success 


    Zuzanna Woźniak
  • Point 72: Low Code/No Code – Appian


    Lukasz Zajaczkowski

    Nithin Subramanian
  • SimCorp: There is never one route – from legal to IT


    Kateryna Zhebanova
  • SimCorp: The glories and shadows of being a Product Owner


    Yulianna Zhuravlova
  • SimCorp: Uncode the recruitment process! How to prepare for a job interview?


    Kristina Manukyan

    Jolanta Babut


  • Eklektika: How to make a great impression in a job interview or promo conversation in English: a must-have for every language learner.


    Patrycja Drygas
  • Eklektika: Prompt Engineering in education: How to make the most of tools like Chat GPT in self-guided learning, especially language learning


    Iwona Braun-Nowak

    Marcin Sikorski


  • Totalizator Sportowy: Trust, but verify. The role of a tester in the IT world.


    Aneta Zdunek
  • Polish Blockchain Association / IBM: Career in web3 – opportunities and risks


    Dr Agata Slater

UP:GREAT – We invite you to the UP:GREAT pathway! This is your chance to refine your skills. Take on the next challenges in IT! Tailored for women who have been developing in the IT industry for 2-5 years. If you’re seeking inspiration, want to deepen your skills, and confidently continue on your professional journey in technology, our specialized workshops within the UP:GREAT track are for you. Join us and let’s shape your future in IT together!

  • DigitalEurope: Cracking the Code: The path to an international tech policy career

    Tsai-wei Chao-Muller
  • European Women’s Association: SWOT analysis of Career

    Nathalie Noupadja
  • PWC: Data Analytics:  a story told in numbers. Why do we need good visualizations?

    Kinga Zubrzycka
  • PWC: Circumstances alter cases – about the Salesforce implementation

    Julia Jurczak
  • Accenture: Challenges, motivations and interesting solutions in the world of Salesforce consultants

    Agata Biedrzycka


  • GPW: A new technological project of building of the WATS system – Is the Warsaw Stock Exchange a Small Silicone Valley?

    Agnieszka Filip


  • NESsT & IT Girls: Mentoring as a tool for building greater diversity and inclusion in STEM industries

    Nadia Belkessam-Felska


    Adrianna Klimczak

    Wioletta Klimczak
  • Instytut BezStresu: Neurodiversity in the IT world, or how to harness the potential of

    Pamela Anna Sobczak
  • Instytut BezStresu: Diet good for the brain.

    Dr Agnieszka Bzikowska-Jura
  • Accenture: Model PRISM. 5 Superpowers of every woman

    Kamila Zawistowska
  • TrueMe: EmpowerHer. Navigating Wellness and Resilience

    Małgorzata Żebrowska

    Aleksandra Łoś
  • Accenture: Quality of automated tests, design rules

    Magdalena Krajewska
  • SimCorp: Among us: How to fit in with the nerds without feeling like an imposter

    Christiane Schabarum
  • Talenti – Women’s Talent Bank: From Senior to Manager. How to do it?

    Anita Warkiewicz

Mentoring Sessions – This is your opportunity to meet experts from the IT industry! Want to learn more about specific roles in IT? Our mentoring sessions are meetings with experienced professionals representing various roles in the industry, such as product owner, Java/Python developer, scrum master, BI Developer, analyst, and many others. It’s a unique chance to gain valuable insights and firsthand knowledge. Join us and immerse yourself in the world of IT!

  • More info soon

    More info soon
  • Accenture: Life after reskilling

    Agnieszka Mikołajewska
  • PwC: Tax Technology

    Magdalena Brzuszczyńska
  • PwC: Career in SAP

    Anna Lis
  • PwC: Do humanists and artistic souls have a chance in IT?

    Weronika Dercz
  • PwC: Cybersecurity

    Klaudia Kruk
  • BNP Paribas Bank Polska: Start in IT – how to begin a career in the field of new technologies?

    Dorota Turek

    Patrycja Denis
  • More Info Soon

    More info soon
  • Orange: Switch to the future – how today’s reality shapes the future of professions

    Marta Skrzynecka


  • Totalizator Sportowy: The role of a business and systems analyst

    Sylwia Michalska


    Anna Gryko


  • Totalizator Sportowy: PM – Project or Problem Manager?

    Aneta Pisarska


  • IAESTE: An experience-based approach to IT and IT problems from the science perspective. You should not be afraid of changing your position and the technology you use every day?

    Konrad Łukiewicz


The Expo Zone during the Women in IT Day event is a unique, virtual space dedicated to both participants and employers. This is a place where you can not only establish valuable professional contacts, but also take part in additional webinars, workshops and presentations. This is an excellent opportunity for companies to present their recruitment processes, present job offers or share promotional videos. We invite you to actively use this platform to maximize the potential of this special day!